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International Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in North Dakota State University! We are excited that you are considering us. To start the application process, please follow the steps below or browse the links in the left-side menu.

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  1. Start your application:

    - International Undergraduate (Bachelor) - to apply from a school outside the U.S.
     > Deadlines: Fall term - June 1, Spring term - November 1

    - International Undergraduate-U.S. Transfer - to apply from a school inside the U.S.
      > Deadlines: Fall term - July 1, Spring term - December 1

    - Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
     > IELP only admission deadlines: Fall term - July 1, Spring term - December 1, Summer term - April 1
     > Conditional admission deadlines: Fall term - June 1, Spring term - November 1

    - Non-Degree admission - To take 1 class while maintaining your immigration status at another school in the U.S.
     > Deadlines: Fall term - July 1, Spring term - December 1
    - Conditional admission (Bachelor+IELP)

     > Deadlines: Fall term - June 1, Spring term - November 1

    - Graduate School International Application Process
    > Deadlines: vary based on program; please see the specific graduate program webpage for details
  2. Create a new user account with your own, unique email address
    > If someone is assisting you with the application, you must still be the one submitting the requirements online under your email address login.

  3. Check your email for a temp password and follow the login link provided to change your password
  4. Select Fall/Spring term and answer the Profile questions to setup your customized application
  5. Print and complete the "Signature Verification Form" located at the top of your application page; then email it to NDSU International Admissions.
  6. Pay $35 Application Fee
  7. View Academic Requirements by Country of Education List for official records required
    > Official academic records must be submitted for all grades received through the semester prior to admission at NDSU
       (Example: Fall applicants=grades through December/January, Spring applicants=grades through July/August)

  8. View Examination requirements and Estimated Costs
  9. Request 1 Electronic Recommendation through your online application
    > If you wish to apply for any scholarships, the recommender must be a different person than your International Undergraduate or IELP application.
  10. Mail all official documents listed in your online application to NDSU International Admissions


 Admission Deadlines* (for receipt of all application requirements):
 If OUTSIDE the U.S.                                If enrolled at a school INSIDE the U.S.
  • Fall (August start) - June 1                     • Fall (August start) - July 1
  • Spring (January start) - November 1      • Spring (January start) - December 1

 *The International Admissions Team will adjust deadlines if necessary.


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