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PLEASE NOTE: The typical 2-3 month authorization process with the consulate and CADIVI/CENCOEX is significantly delayed. Please be sure to enroll full-time for the upcoming semester as soon as possible to have your NDSU letter issued and begin the additional steps listed below.

If you have difficulty in making your student account payments, please contact NDSU Bison Connection as soon as possible.


CADIVI (Comisión de Administración de Divisas - Commission for the Administration of Currency Exchange) is the Venezuelan government body which administers currency exchange in Venezuela. Commercial banks and other authorized exchange agents are required to obtain authorization from CADIVI in order to trade Bolívares Fuertes (VEF) into U.S. dollars (USD). More information is available at:

CENCOEX (Centro Nacional de Comercio Exterior) replaced CADIVI in 2015 as the administrator of funds for use outside of Venezuela. More details are available at:

Who utilizes this process?

  • Students in F-1 status applying for admission to/already attending NDSU who wish to exchange VEF into another currency for undergraduate or graduate expenses
  • Note: CADIVI/CENCOEX does not approve funds for Intensive English Language Program (IELP) courses

How does it work?

  • Students must provide multiple documents (listed below) to CADIVI/CENCOEX in order to benefit from a favorable exchange rate.
  • If CADIVI/CENCOEX approves the request, funds can be transferred at a favorable exchange rate.
  • If CADIVI/CENCOEX denies the request or the process is delayed, the student is responsible for finding alternative means of payment.

What details are included in the letter(s) from NDSU?

All letters issued by NDSU Office of Global Outreach are in a format consisting of only that information which is required, as determined by best practices in the field. The letter will include: academic information (enrollment start date and end date, expected degree completion date, degree/major, current enrollment). Please note that students can only enroll in CADIVI/CENCOEX approved majors (áreas de formación prioritaria) to be authorized for funds transfer.

The Office of Global Outreach cannot verify any upcoming semester that a student is not enrolled in; new applicants will receive a letter for their first year of study. The letter will also include the required estimated expenses: tuition, student fees, and health insurance. Only expenses that will appear on your student account can be included in the CADIVI/CENCOEX letter.

*NOTE: CADIVI/CENCOEX does not permit inclusion of costs for books and supplies, room and board (housing + meal plan), or scholarship/assistantship awards on the expenses letter issued by any academic institution.

Sample Letters:

Please note that all items in red on the letters below will be changed to match the specific details of each student. Also, any scholarship award letters issued by the NDSU Office of Global Outreach cannot be included in the apostille from the Secretary of State of North Dakota; however, we can still have these notarized for you upon request. Admission and expense letters will be notarized and authenticated, yet scholarship award letters will be notarized only.
Expenses-New Student Expenses-Current Student Scholarship Award Letter
  • Note: the above letters are samples only and may change without notice, due to updated CADIVI/CENCOEX restrictions and adjudication of requests. Copies of any documents issued will be uploaded to your online International Undergraduate profile in the NDSU international application system at each stage of the process (issued, notarized, apostilled).

Notary Public

The original CADIVI/CENCOEX letter(s) written in English will be signed and notarized by an admission coordinator and authenticated by the Secretary of State of North Dakota. Please note that it is your responsibility to get these original letters translated into Spanish and notarized as a true and exact Spanish translation. NDSU employs the following public notaries on campus (each charges a $5.00 notarization fee):
  1. Bison Card (call to schedule an appointment)
    • Phone: 1-701-231-6252
    • Business hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-6:00pm or Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

  2. Registration and Records (call to schedule an appointment)
    • Phone: 1-701-231-7981
    • Business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

How do I Request CADIVI/CENCOEX Letter(s) from NDSU Office of Global Outreach-International Admissions?

  1. Submit the $15 fee for the Secretary of State (apostille/certification + record search charges per document):
    a) Submit completed Credit Card Payment Authorization form to the Office of Global Outreach, or
    b) Submit $15 check to Office of Global Outreach, made payable to "Secretary of State," or
    c) Make Document Authentication Fee payment online

    Please note: submitting this payment online (instead of by personal check) requires an additional
      2 week processing time, to allow for the NDSU Accounting office to issue an official NDSU check.

  2. Choose mailing method (students already inside the U.S. only):
    a) Regular mail, 7-10 business days (from NDSU>Secretary of State>NDSU)
    Express Mail, 5 business days (valid for 2 outgoing/return shipments within U.S.
    > Example: 1) to/from Secretary of State and 2) to/from Consulate General of Venezuela in Chicago

  3. The Office of Global Outreach will complete the following process:
     • Issue your official CADIVI/CENCOEX letter(s)

     • Request notarization of this official letter and all other required documents

     • Request authentication of documents from the Secretary of State of North Dakota

  4. After 2-3 weeks from your payment/admission decision date, all official notarized and authenticated letter(s) will be returned to our office for pickup/mailing.
     • Currently enrolled NDSU students: you will be required to present your NDSU Bison card for identification
       purposes; no other individual can pick up this document on your behalf without written approval.

     • New applicants to NDSU: all notarized and authenticated documents will be sent to you via the regular or
       courier/express mail option you chose in your online Applicant Profile for admission.


Required CADIVI/CENCOEX Procedures and Documents:

*Check CADIVI/CENCOEX website to verify list of requirements, as they frequently change

  1. Registration with CADIVI: (CENCOEX:
  2. Constancia de Registro Consular
  3. Registro de Venezolanos
  4. Copy of passport identification and expiration page(s)
  5. Copy of Venezuelan ID (cédula)
  6. Copy of travel itinerary from Venezuela to Fargo, North Dakota (FAR)
  7. SEVIS Form I-20 (signed by you)
  8. CADIVI/CENCOEX Letter from Office of Global Outreach (English version and Spanish translation)
  9. Additional Requirements for New Students:
    1) Admission Letter(s) from NDSU
  10. Additional Requirements for Current/Continuing Students:
    1) Class Schedule/Enrollment Summary from Bison Connection
    2) Copy of Form I-94 Arrival/Departure record (
    3) Copy of F-1 visa stamp
    4) Proof of previous CADIVI/CENCOEX transfers (if you have been approved in the past)

All documents must be sent to the Venezuelan Consulate through their CADIVI/CENCOEX process (la constancia de registro consular) with a prepaid return envelope (approximate processing time: 28 days). Once received from the Venezuelan Consulate, documents can be sent to Venezuela.
 Questions? Contact International Admissions
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