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Global Outreach Ambassador
Fargo, United States (Outgoing Program)
Application Terms: Academic Year
The cycle for this application has closed and is currently not accepting new applicants.
Restrictions: NDSU applicants only
Application Deadlines / Degree Dates:
There are currently no active application cycles for this application.
Fact Sheet:
Qualifications (Preferred): <2 years as a previous ambassador, leadership experience Qualifications (Required): 2.80/4.0 cumulative GPA, completion of 2 terms at NDSU, previous extra-curricular or community involvement
Application Details:

Global Outeach (GO) Ambassador Program


  • Continuous projects:
    • Represent NDSU to prospective students for 1 academic year
    • Respond to students' direct questions via email or social media
    • Travel Journals - write about on/off-campus experiences
    • Collaborative project with other ambassadors (annually)
  • Individual projects:
    • Google+ Hangout/QQ Video Series - engage with students about such topics as American culture, learning English, funding at NDSU
    • Marketing video - record clip about on-campus offerings at NDSU (native language recordings)
    • Translations - assist in conversion of country-specific information into applicants' native languages
    • Visit Abroad - visit a school, university or education center in your home country to present about your NDSU experiences
    • Additional opportunities - any other projects you feel would be helpful to prospective students


  • Resume/CV builder
  • Leadership and mentoring skills
  • Improved intercultural communication skills
  • Sharing NDSU experiences with future Bison
  • Recognition Certificate from the Office of Admission
  • Program award upon completion of all program requirements (for non-scholarship recipients)
  • 10 Academic and Cultural Sharing Scholarship hours each term (current scholarship recipients only)

The cycle for this application has closed and is currently not accepting new applicants.
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