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Conditional Admission

An applicant who meets all academic requirements for admission to North Dakota State University (NDSU), except for the English proficiency level, may be eligible for conditional admission. All documents are reviewed for conditional admission to the undergraduate or graduate program and enrollment in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP), for the student's first term at NDSU. The IELP will help to prepare students for full-time, university level coursework and provides the possiblity for students to enroll in IELP and academic coursework at the same time, depending on their proficiency level.

  1. Complete online application for admission.  You will need your NDSU Insider User Name and Password, or you can create a new account. 
  2. Wait to receive email from Office of Admission that your application was received.
  3. Complete International Undergraduate Application Supplement with additional requirements specific to international students.  For first time users, please choose the "I do not have login credentials to this site" option and create your international user profile with the same external email address you used to create your NDSU Insider account.

    > Select Fall or Spring Term and answer the Profile questions to create your customized supplement. (Note: this is a separate application system than your online application for undergraduate admission.)

  4. Complete the Intensive English Langauge Program (IELP) application as well.  
  5. Wait 1-2 weeks after completion of online application and all application supplement requirements for admission decision. 

  1. Start your Graduate Application for Admission through the NDSU Graduate School
  2. Submit all required application information and documents to the NDSU Graduate School
  3. Wait for confirmation of eligibility from an admission counselor in the Graduate School
    > Eligibility for conditional admission consideration is determined by specific department on an individual student basis.

  4. If you are notified that the NDSU department to which you applied permits conditional admission:
    > Start your Intensive English Language Program (IELP)-Conditional Grad application

  5. Click the Apply Now button on the "Applications: Information" page
  6. To the question: Have you been admitted to NDSU?
    • Select Yes, then Submit

    • Login with your NDSU username and password (click here to activate your NDSU electronic ID)

  7. Select your academic term and answer all Profile questions
  8. To the profile item: Affiliation
    Select your school or affiliation from the list, OR

    If you do not see your affiliation on the list, select: *Not Listed

  9. Submit all requirements listed on your application:
    Application Agreement (sign electronically)

    • Uploads: 1) Copies of Previous Immigration Documents with NDSU and 2) Copy of TOEFL/IELTS Score Report (if applicable)

    • Questionnaires: Background Check, Education History: College/University, Language Proficiency
  10. Your online application status will be changed to Under Review once all items listed have a checkmark or n/a in the Received column.
    IELP admission letter and SEVIS I-20 will be issued upon a) receipt of admission to the Graduate School and b) completion of the Graduate Immigration Checklist.
 Conditional Admission Deadlines (for receipt of all requirements for both applications):
 If OUTSIDE the U.S.                                  If enrolled at a school INSIDE the U.S.
  • Fall (August start) - June 1                       • Fall (August start) - July 1
  • Spring (January start) - November 1        • Spring (January start) - December 1
  • Summer (June start) - April 1                   • Summer (June start) - May 1


Upon arrival at NDSU:

  • Submit any updated TOEFL/IELTS reports to NDSU International Admissions, which were taken after receiving admission to NDSU. We will update your eligibility when applicable.
  • Take the on-campus placement test during orientation to determine your proficiency level in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.
  • The IELP Coordinator will determine your enrollment type for the 1st day of classes:

    1) Full-time IELP (5 classes, 20 credit hours), OR

    2) Part-time IELP (<4 classes) + Part-time Undergraduate/Graduate (1+ classes)
    > Minimum enrollment required: Undergraduate-12 credits, Graduate-9 credits 

At the completion of each semester:

  • The IELP Coordinator will review your proficiency level to determine if your enrollment type has changed.

    1) You will be granted full admission and eligible to enroll in full-time academic classes; OR

    2) You will continue studying English for next term, with option of taking 1+ academic classes (additional costs apply)
    > A conditional admission offer may be deferred until a student's English proficiency level improves to meet North Dakota State University
       minimum standards for full admission.

     Questions? Contact International Admissions
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